MyMiller Consulting LLC. offering affordable technology expertise!

MyMiller Consulting LLC mission is to bring software consulting with the skills and experience of a Senior Software Engineer to the general public at a fair price.  Far too often we have seen people charged thousands of dollars for software consulting for a few hours of work.  Preventing many organizations from being able to expand or develop the tools they need to grow.  We strive to provide affordable solutions to our clients.

Our Goals

Professional Solutions

We bring solutions to you that meet your needs for today, allow you to grow for tomorrow, and plan for years after.  Our goal is to for the solution you use well into your future as you grow and expand.


We join your team, not as a contractor but as a team member.  Your success is our success. No matter the exact role we play, we are team and our goal is to create synergy that allows us to efficiently create a solution for your needs.


We don’t believe in the “impossible”, if it’s “impossible” then we just need to get more creative.  Years of experience has shown where there is a will, there is a way.  Our goal is to do some brainstorming and sometimes look for the “crazy” approach, to find a solution to meet your need.


We want our solution to be something you use for a long period of time. It has to be stable, robust, and flexible. It needs to be of the highest quality that it can.  Testing is key to this.  We will work with you to make sure our work is at the level of quality you need and we are satisfied with.

Software Consulting

Ready to get started with software consulting?Is the art of bringing software development and deployment skills together to create a solution for your needs.  This can vary from developing applications, to deploying applications, creating websites, and troubleshooting issues in your environment.  We bring years of experience to the table, to create and build solutions for your needs.