Website Development Promotion for Businesses

Website Development Package

MyMiller Consulting LLC. is proud to bring to small businesses a new package deal available till April 1, 2017.  Many small business face the need of an online presence, however costs are prohibited.  Demands of thousands of dollars for a website often keep these businesses off the internet. MyMiller Consulting is here to work with businesses to find just what they need, to completely establish their presence online, at a reasonable cost.

No longer is it a question if you can afford an Online Presence, it’s whether you can afford not to. Whether your in a small town, or large metropolitan city, your online presence is seen my many and can help you reach an audience far larger than other expensive forms of promotion.  Promote your business easily over social media, and have your presence seen.

Google Business Listing

Do you have control of your business on Google?  Did you know you can claim your business on Google and be in control of the information you present to the world about your business?  MyMiller Consulting LLC, can help you take control of your business to provide the information you want to. We can help you establish this presence.


As a business owner you’re told the time, cost and the maintenance of a website are extremely high, it’s often one the first items cut, if it even made your list.  If your not selling on your website, you even wonder if one is necessary.  Don’t forget about getting hacked!  Let MyMiller Consulting LLC. show you that it’s not only affordable, but it will help you save time and money, two very important resources to a business owner.  Is $10 a month worth being able to expand and simplify your advertising?  How about expanding your reach to so many more viewers?

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, & many others, do you have time to make sure you latest photo, or message is sent out to all of those services?  What if you get new stock and you need to send out 10+ photos of your new inventory, that alone is at least 50 different social media hits you have to take.  MyMiller Consulting LLC. is here to show you how to work smarter, not harder.  You should have a dependable system that allows you to post a picture or message in one place, and it is sent out everywhere else for you, without your interaction required.


Package Deal

So what are we offering and how much is it going to cost you wonder?  Let’s get straight to the point:


Standard Price


Discounted Price

Average Cost*:

Google Business Listing Assistance $60 / hour 20% $48 / hour $48
Website Design $60 / hour 20% $48 / hour $48
Website Development $80 / hour 20% $64 / hour $256
Social Media Integration $70 / hour 20% $56 / hour $56



For a typical small business we find that a single hour working with you to setup your Google Business Listing is all that is required. In addition a single hour working with you on your Website Design how it will look, the information it will contain, the features it will have.  Next comes the development of your website, in most cases this requires typically about 4 hours of development time. Finally your Social Media Integration, this can be accomplished in a single hour.  We are offering a 20% discount from our normal prices.  This is your one time upfront cost for creating your website and integrating across Social Media.  Now let’s talk about your re-occurring costs.

Monthly Serivce

Price / Month

Price / Year

Domain Name Registration**  ~$1.25 – $2.00 $15.00 – $30.00
Website Hosting*** ~$8.00 – $25.00 $96.00 – $300.00


~$9.25 – $27.00 $111.00 – $330.00


* Average cost, is based on a standard typical website.  Additional features may extend the cost above the outlined price.

** Depending on the extension the price may vary on Domain name Registration.  .com is typically $16 a year, while a .co is $30 a year

*** Website Hosting basic plans start at $8.00 a month, however as your business grows and increased visitation to your website, it maybe necessary to increase your hosting services.  Basic plans are for 25,000 website visitors a day.  The high end plans are for 800,000 visitors a day.  This would be a wonderful problem to have.