Need help with a project? Don’t have enough hands with your current team? Or have an idea but need help implementing it?

Development – C/C++/Java

We can provide help with C/C++/Java expertise.  Let us help you with product or with your testing to bring your project to fruition. Need help with testing, we have experience in creating, implementing, and running test plans.  Need help setting up an agile development process, we can provide assistance.

  • Software Design
  • C/C++/Java
  • JUnit Testing
  • Network Communication (IPv4 & IPv6)
  • OS Porting (AIX, Solaris, Linux, & Windows)

Our Services

We offer our services as a member of your team.  The work we do belongs to you.  We retain no rights to the software we write for you.  That means your free to use it however you wish. Unit testing is key to creating quality code, we will work with you to match your testing procedures and to ensure it reaches an acceptable level.  Our goal is to create quality, efficient and production ready code.

Agile Environment

We typically develop in an agile environment as requirements, and implementations evolve and improve through refactoring to create your solution. Testing plays a key role in each step to make sure committed changes do not break previous features, and new features work as expected.

One Client

Due to the nature of this kind of work, we take one client at a time. We provide very dedicated services.  If your interested in our development expertise please contact us.