MyMiller Training

MyMiller Training will introduce you to self-paced classes that you can take to learn on various topics both free and paid classes to the public.  Look for down to earth training for the non-software engineer to understand.  Even the paid classes are affordable that will guide you on a path to learn new technologies and tools.

MyMiller Training

Course Topics

  • Social Media – Learn what you need to know about social media.  Privacy concerns and dangers that you need to monitor.  Learn what your children are involved in.
  • Website – Lessons on identifying features you will need, and how you can implement them to create a website for your organization.  Steps to keep the cost low, when to expand, and how to integrate with social media.
  • Software Applications – Lessons on using common software applications.  Some will be basic use, and others on more advanced use.


  • Videos demonstrating various topics as applicable.
  • Presentations discussing the topic typically with audio recordings.
  • Software Downloads

Why training?

It is our belief that learning is one of life’s greatest pursuits.  In today’s world, technology continues to accelerate the pace of life, trying to keep up with that pace can be chore.  Bringing years of presenting to the public on various topics from internet security, to application use, we bring you a number of courses for your benefit. We offer free courses as a way to give back to our community.  Paid courses are offered for more specific and advanced classes, for the professional or the advance user.

Why down to earth?

We feel it is far easier to understand a topic when you remove the language of the professionals.  Can you understand, “The SSL cert for the LDAP, was compromised because the PEM was accidentally released, so your login is now compromised?”  or “The security certificate was released publicly and now your login is compromised?”  Even knowing what the first one means, I prefer the second.  We strive to keep the courses as easy to understand as possible.